B003. Procedure on how to Claim Medical Re-imbursement

In any organisation, the sense of well being of the employee and their performance are closely interlinked.  And since, the job of police is to maintain law and order and focussing on protecting people and property, the police personnel remain pre-occupied with their duties.  Thus, they do not have time to even know the in-service facilities made available to them by the Government.  Among various e-modules, this chapter will cover the service related facilities that could be availed by police personnel.



B004. Course on Police Station Records

Different types of records are maintained at police station level for different purposes. Some of the records are directly related to prevention and detection of crime. Some other records are indirectly useful for the same task. Some records relate to routine administration of police station. The various records maintained in the police station can be classified as under for the sake of convenience.

B005. Functioning of Special Branch

The Special Branch is an important Unit of Delhi Police and has a crucial role in collection of intelligence, collation of inputs and deciphering them as actionable part of intelligence mainly to assist in maintenance of law and keeping the order.